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What is Meralgia Paresthetica?

What is Meralgia Paresthetica?

Meralgia Paresthetica is the name given to the compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve in the groin part leading to the upper side of the leg. Since this nerve is the sensory nerve of the leg, complaints of numbness, burning, and pain occur in this area. What is Meralgia Paresthetica? Causes Meralgia Paresthetica?How is the treatment of Meralgia Paresthetica?

Causes Meralgia Paresthetica?

In the Meralgia Paresthetica, the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is crushed for external or abdominal reasons as it passes through the groin. The most common cause of this disease is rapid weight changes (weight gain or loss), pregnancy and waist compression of the belt in the lumbar region. Rarely, this nerve can also occur in tumoral diseases of internal organs, surgical applications in the groin area, post-traumatic fractures, groin bleeding. Typically, patients’ complaints increase especially when they are very standing or walking.

How is the treatment of Meralgia Paresthetica?

Meralgia Paresthetica is a benign disease. Complaints are often resolved within weeks to months after the cause disappears. During this period, patients are advised to avoid long walks and, if possible, use a sling instead of a waist belt. Pain relief-edema remedies are prescribed to reduce edema and symptoms around the nerve. In addition, B vitamin complexes, which are thought to have a positive effect on the recovery rate of the nerve, are also among the frequently used drugs. With these measures, a cortisone injection can be made around the nerve in patients with severe complaints.

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