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What is intubation? What does the intubate patient mean?

What is intubation? What does the intubate patient mean?

The patient, intubated with the application of the intubation system, continues his treatment with artificial respiration. So, what exactly is intubated, what does an intubated patient mean?

Intubation, in which patients are treated with artificial respiration, is known as an emergency method where the case cannot receive normal breathing. Since the patient is unable to provide normal breathing, he is intubated to continue respiration with artificial respiration. Here’s what to know about intubes.


Intubation is the process of placing a special tube through the mouth or nose with the help of laryngoscopy or special apparatus to pass artificial respiration for the purpose of protecting the airway, providing continuous ventilation, if necessary, giving medication, if breathing or respiratory safety is impaired or if there is a risk of impairment.


The patient is called intubated after the intubation procedure applied to create artificial respiration because the patient cannot continue normal breathing. Intubated patients perform breathing operations with artificial respiration connected to them.

Intubation process, keeping the airway open, controlling the airway and breathing, reducing breathing effort, preventing aspiration; surgical relief by removing the anesthetist and other devices from the field; While it provides benefits such as ease of resuscitation and reduction of dead space volume when there is any problem, it carries disadvantages such as the procedure taking time and requiring special skills, requiring deeper anesthesia and causing some complications, especially when difficulties arise.

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