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What are the causes of shoulder pain?

What are the causes of shoulder pain? How is it treated?

Shoulder pain is among the common joint pain. Shoulder pain, which is a common problem, especially in people working with the arm, affects the quality of life negatively.causes of shoulder pain? 

Causes of shoulder pain

  • When the arm is lifted, if the blade feels stuck, there is difficulty in removing kitchen materials such as teapots, if there is a burning sensation on the shoulder while combing the hair, if there is a painful enough to change when changing direction at night, there is muscle rupture on the shoulder.
  • Shoulder pain that accompanies the restrictions in shoulder movements and difficulty in bringing the hand to the back while wearing and undressing indicate shoulder freezing.
  • Shoulder pain caused by nerve damage in the muscles around the shoulder is accompanied by a weakening of muscle strength.
  • Depending on the diseases seen in the internal organs, shoulder pain may develop. Chest diseases, lung and gallbladder diseases can cause shoulder pain.
  • Shoulder diseases such as shoulder impingement syndrome, calcific tendinitis defined as lime accumulation in tendons, shoulder laxity, half dislocations of the shoulder, strain pain due to the muscles around the shoulder, myofascial pain syndrome and shoulder calcification cause pain.

Causes of left shoulder pain

Left shoulder pain on the side of the vital heart can be a harbinger of a serious illness. Dull shoulder syndrome in patients who have long-term bed rest and people who have a sedentary lifestyle can cause pain in the left shoulder. In addition to disorders such as circulatory disorders and arthritis, heart problems can also cause left shoulder pain. Causes such as inflammation and nerve compression in the shoulder nerves can lead to sharp pain and numbness in the left shoulder. In addition, neck hernia is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain.

Causes of right shoulder pain

Right shoulder pain, which may occur as a result of the strain of the right shoulder joint due to work or exercise, can also be seen when the muscles are overworked. Right shoulder pain caused by the dislocation of the right shoulder from the joint is the most common type of pain. It generally occurs as a result of sudden shoulder movement. Pain caused by sleeping on the right shoulder is quite severe. Sometimes, blows previously taken on the right shoulder may appear as shoulder pain years later. If the right shoulder pain that starts with inflammations in the shoulder joints is accompanied by nausea and fever, it is recommended to go to the health institution.

Shoulder pain treatment

Treatment of shoulder pain should be done for the cause. The causes that trigger shoulder pain should be reviewed and the factors causing it should be eliminated. Cold or hot compresses can be used in the treatment of shoulder pain that occurs after a heavy exercise. Neck and shoulder exercises recommended by experts can be performed during the day for the shoulder pain that occurs in desk workers. Many methods such as cortisone needles, physical therapy applications, and even surgical struggle can be used for pain caused by an injury.

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