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Warning to chronic patients: Do not disrupt your medication

Warning to chronic patients: Do not disrupt your medication

Cardiologist who stated that heart diseases can get out of control during this period, Assoc. Dr. Hakan Uçar emphasized that patients should not disrupt their medication.
Experts say that coronavirus affects people with chronic disease more. At the top of these diseases are diseases such as heart failure, vascular occlusion, rhythm problems and blood pressure that adversely affect the heart. Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Hakan Uçar made important warnings.


Underlining that heart patients are in the risk group, Assoc. Dr. Uçar said, “Many of the patients we refer to under the name of chronic disease are heart patients. People who have had a stroke and patients with diabetes can also be considered in this group. There is an unchanging information, the most common cause of death in the world is heart diseases. Even now in Turkey every 5 minutes one person dies from heart disease. This rate is much higher than coronavirus. Therefore, we must pay attention to the measures to protect the heart. Patients should take their medication regularly. Even if their medication or reports are finished, they should get their medicines in a short time. The Ministry of Health has work on this. Patients’ reports were extended. The patient will be able to buy his medicine from the pharmacy without a prescription. ”

Expressing that heart patients may have chest and shortness of breath during this period, Assoc. Dr. Uçar said, “The patient should contact his doctor in case of doubt. If necessary, he should go to the doctor. The person who does not have any obvious complaints should not go to the hospitals at this time. There is also some news about patients changing their medicines. There is no information that patients can change drugs. We do not recommend patients to change these drugs, ”he said.

Underscoring that people are turning to high-calorie foods by thinking “We are at home”, Uçar made the following warnings, stating that heart disease may increase during this period:


“In this period, people can gain weight due to inactivity. Heart patients should make a salt-free, fat-free diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits that they should comply with. Let them do various exercises at home. They should follow whatever suggestions are available. Heart diseases can get out of control in this period. The reason why the disease is out of control during this period is that patients who have finished the drug are afraid to go to the hospital and print the medicine, still life at home, stress in the body can trigger heart diseases. We have to be much more careful in this period. Coronavirus can create heart attack-like tables in patients with severe lung involvement. ”

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