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‘Vitamin D’ warning from experts

‘Vitamin D’ warning from experts

As part of the coronavirus measures affecting the world, everyone was asked to comply with the call to ‘stay at home’, and experts recommended that the sun be seen at the time of stay. Obstetrician and Gynecologist who recommends pregnant women to see the sun from a window or balcony at certain times of the day. Dr. “Stay at home but see the sun,” said Çiğdem Karas.

Nowadays, Op. Draws attention to vitamin D intake, which is increasingly deficient in the society due to a long time in closed environments and an unhealthy diet. Dr. Çiğdem Karas said that during the process spent at home, pregnant women can do their daily activities and see the sun. Reminding that dozens of health parameters from brain health to heart health, diabetes to hypertension, immune power to bone-tooth health depend on having enough vitamin D in our body, Karas said, “Vitamin D is a very important vitamin that we can use as a supplement to fight covid19 infection, which is especially common today.”.

Stating that vitamin D, which should be taken at a sufficient level in every period of life, is of vital importance for both mother and baby, especially during pregnancy. Dr. Çiğdem Karas said, “The duty of vitamin D is to regulate the blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. These elements are used during pregnancy as well as your baby’s bone and tooth development. If there is a deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy, developmental delay and skeletal disorders may be seen in the baby to be born. Infants who take the missing vitamin D during pregnancy may also encounter some problems in the long term after birth. These babies are born with low bone density, and when they are 8-9 years old, their bone mass is lower than their peers. They face the risk of osteoporosis (osteoporosis) later in life. The expectant mother is also affected by vitamin D deficiency. “The probability of pregnancy poisoning (preeclampsia) and cesarean delivery increases.”


Op, who wants to give importance to the consumption of eggs, milk, yogurt, liver, and fish, where vitamin D is rich when sunlight cannot be neglected especially for pregnant women. Dr. Çiğdem Karas said, “Sunbathing is an important source for vitamin D. 2000 units of vitamin D are produced with 15-30 minutes of sunbathing, where the skin turns slightly pink. In the research conducted in our country in 2005, 81.7 percent of pregnant women and 40 percent of babies were found to have vitamin D deficiency. Today, vitamin D deficiency is blamed on the basis of many diseases and when we look at it with blood tests, we often encounter vitamin D deficiency in all individuals. As a result; He recommended that pregnant women and babies appear to the sun for vitamin D during their stay at home, saying that the deficiency and deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy and lactation may negatively affect both maternal health and baby health and the future lives of both. ”

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