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Types of Headaches

Types of Headaches are listed below:

Tension Headache: In general, it causes pain in the form of squeezing around the head. Stress is closely related to tension and fatigue.types of headache

Migraine: Headache: nausea and vomiting are often accompanied by light disturbance.

Menstrual Migraine:    Menstrual migraine attacks are in the form.

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Cluster Headache: It usually manifests itself as a severe pain behind the eye. The pain usually comes in attacks that last for days, so it tends to cluster at certain times. Along with the eyes may be flushing and experiencing.

Blood Pressure-Related Headache: In general, the neck is mainly pain. It is associated with increased blood pressure.

Trigeminal neuralgia: It causes sharp pain in the face and contraction of the facial muscles.

Exercise headache: Pain after exercise and exercise

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What Are Headache Regions?

Headaches may be in a single region or throughout the head. For example, migraine pain is not always, but usually half of the head. The stress-related tension-type headache usually causes a compression style around the head.

Are there plants that are good for headaches?

There is currently no plant or extract known to play a role in treating headache and headache varieties. Patients with headaches should always go to a physician before applying herbal treatments.

Headache Treatment

Today, there are many drug treatments that have proven efficacy in headache. In addition, electrical stimulation of the head with direct current is an effective treatment in migraine has been revealed in recent research. Headache can be treated at a good rate by teaching the person how to control his / her own body.

Therefore, scientifically proven new treatment methods are being used. In addition to classical therapies, recent and current treatment methods such as brain stimulation and biofeedback are applied.types of headache

In the treatment of headache, neurology, psychiatrists and psychologists should work together. A multidisciplinary treatment method should be applied to the patient. Because many psychologies of headache and headache can cause discomfort and stress, headache in mental problems and related headache types.

Regular exercise and regular nutrition are very important in the treatment of headache varieties. Regular exercise and regular nutrition are often recommended for the treatment of headache varieties. In order to get rid of the headache and the kinds of headaches they have, they should arrange their lives accordingly.

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