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Types of headaches and location

Types of headaches and location

Headache is a health problem that almost everyone faces during a certain period of their life. What are the types and regions of headaches that include multiple causes, even dangerous situations? What are the causes, symptoms, and treatment of headache, which we frequently hear about in the community from seven to seventy? Types of headaches and location

1. Migraine Headache

It is not just a headache, but a disease. sensitivity to light, sound, and odor; nausea and vomiting occur. It has moderate and severe pains. Stress, hormonal, air and sleep changes can trigger an attack on some foods.

2. Tension-Type Headache

90% of society suffered tension headaches during a period of their lives. At first, fullness, weight, tightness, feeling of pressure. There is difficulty in attention and concentration, neck nape pain. Pain is mild to moderate (does not prevent daily life).

3. Sinusitis Headache

It is mixed with migraines. Half of the migraineurs think that it is sinusitis. Pain around the eyes and nose becomes stuffy nose. Fever may accompany.

4. Cluster Headache

It occurs especially in young men. There are typical features. One side is very severe pain in the eyes and temple. Sudden starts and ends. It is a rhythmic pain that lasts up to 1 hour, usually at the same time of day, 1-2 months of the year. Sweating and restlessness are typical.

5. Migraine in Children

Headache is not in the foreground. It can only be accompanied by attacks of abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. It may be a mild headache, abdominal pain, vomiting attacks, car sickness, gas and colic in susceptible, timid children.

6. Hormonal Migraine

Typical migraine headaches and bloating, irritability, abdominal pain occur.

7. Chronic Headache

Headaches lasting more than 15 days per month. All or half headache, neck-back pain. There is fatigue, depression, unhappiness.

Types of headaches and location

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