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Types of headaches and causes

Types of headaches and causes

Mankind has been looking for a solution to his headache since Christ. This includes primitive methods such as holding plants and squeezing their heads. Modern medicine is primarily focused on finding the source of pain. Here are 6 dangerous signals that indicate that you need to take headaches seriously and types of pain by region. Types of headaches and causes

Self-help guide

This guide will help you understand your pain level and the symptoms of your illness.

Dangerous situations

Brain tumors, bleeding and meningitis are the most dangerous diseases that manifest themselves through headaches. Therefore, do not ignore the headaches and consider them insignificant. If you take care of the symptoms and take precautions, your control over the pain will be increased and your healing process will be shortened.

Get help

If you are experiencing a headache of a severity you have never felt before, you should consult your doctor. Waiting for him to get worse enough to go to the hospital won’t help you.

Headache Symptoms

If you have high fever, nausea and severe neck pain in addition to headache, the situation may be dangerous.

Headache plan

Many people may suffer from headaches for common reasons. These causes usually arise from stress, fatigue and unhealthy lifestyles. However, recurrent headaches may require caution and take precautions.


Headaches from time to time can become one of the most unbearable and uncontrolled pain in your life. They may present as a symptom of serious disorders as well as ordinary causes.

# Types of Headaches and causes

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