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They hid the true dimension of the outbreak! Reports appeared

They hid the true dimension of the outbreak! Reports appeared

US intelligence reports in January and February allegedly warned Trump and his administration about coronavirus.

Reports sent by the US intelligence to the Congress with the White House in January and February claimed that the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) would warn of a global “pandemic”.

The Washington Post reports that it is based on sources close to the subject, and US intelligence reports warned both the Trump administration and Congress about Kovid-19 in China, in January and February.

The report reported that the sources did not predict when the virus would reach the US in the reports, but that the true extent of the epidemic in China was stored and would soon become a “pandemic”.

“Despite ongoing reports, Trump continued to underestimate the virus’s threat to the United States. Likewise, Congressmen did not care about this situation until Kovid-19 became serious in the country earlier this month.” expression was given.

Reaction to the news from the White House

No statement was made from the CIA and the National Intelligence Office about the news of the Washington Post, but White House Deputy Spokesperson Hogan Gidley said:

“While the Media and Democrats have focused only on a ridiculous and illegitimate dismissal process, President Trump took historic, aggressive measures to protect the health, wealth and security of the American people. It is disgusting, despicable, and embarrassing to try to rewrite the history of unnamed cowardly sources.”

Trump argued that the virus will pass in April

“When April arrives, the virus will miraculously disappear as the weather gets warmer,” Trump asked him about Kovid-19 in a statement on February 19. he said and argued that the Democrats were panicking for his political interests.

Trump, who had not taken a step on the virus for a long time, had reacted. Trump, who set up a task force to combat Kovid-19 on February 27, appointed Vice President Mike Pence to this team, but still argued that the virus was not a serious threat.

Trump, who began to take the virus seriously in the last few weeks and changed his discourse, declared a national emergency last week.

Trump has been holding a press conference on the White House for a while, taking some ministers, scientists, and Pence with him.

The World Health Organization announced on March 11 that the new type of coronavirus can be described as a pandemic (epidemic).

According to the figures announced by Johns Hopkins University, the number of cases from Kovid-19 in the USA reached 14,322, and the number of dead reached 210.

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