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Tension Headache Relief

Tension Headache Relief, Causes tension-type headache? 

Below; we have presented the causes of tension-type headaches for you with all the details. The reasons for this; We would like to thank you for your interest and feedback, and wish you a healthy day. Tension Headache Relief

Causes Tension Headache?

Tension headaches are usually caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck. However, various foods consumed, activities or stress triggers may cause such contractions. Especially; voltage-type headaches can also be seen in people who are standing by computers or telephones for a long time in today’s technology world.

In addition to all these factors, the main triggers of tension-type headaches are; alcohol consumption, eye fatigue, dry eyes, fatigue, cigarette consumption, cold or flu, sinus infection, caffeine intake, bad posture or emotional stress is known as.

Contrary to what is assumed in tension-type headaches, not all nausea, vomiting or migraine exposure may occur. In rare cases, it may be similar to migraine headaches and may be experienced in case of sensitivity to high sounds (Evidence 1).

According to information published in MayoClinic; The clear causes of tension headaches are not known. Experts who have conducted various studies or clinical studies believe that tension-type headaches may occur due to muscle contractions in the face, neck, and scalp caused by tension or stress in emotional situations. Tension Headache Relief

In the same information; As a result of other studies, it has been stated that muscle contraction cannot cause tension headaches.

Therefore; one of the most likely causes is increased sensitivity to pain and may be due to the pain-sensitive pain system with stress (Evidence 2).

In MedlinePlus, tension-type headaches, neck and scalp muscles are reported to be caused by stretching or contraction. Stressing headaches after muscle contraction, stress, depression, head trauma or anxiety, Medlineplus emphasized that these pains can be experienced at any age, but maybe more common in adults or the elderly than in young people and children.

These headaches, which are more common in women than men, can occur after a computer or microscope fine work, or they may occur as a result of sleeping in a cold room or sleeping position and abnormal neck.

According to MedlinePlus, the triggers of tension headaches are; physical or emotional stress, alcohol use, too much caffeine or low caffeine consumption, sinus infection with cold or flu exposure, exposure to jaw pain, tooth pain caused by tooth grinding, eye fatigue, excessive smoking, fatigue or excessive strain, migraine or various brain diseases (Evidence 3).

Healthirect also reported that tension-type headache is probably caused by muscle tension. Triggers include; stress and fatigue, anxiety from emotional states, stress or depression, shoulder pain that can also cause neck pain (see How a shoulder pain passes? Natural and herbal remedy good at home!), excessive use of muscles such as neck, chin (see natural and herbal remedy that is good for a home solution!), working under difficult conditions, spending more time at a desk, bad postures in sitting, consuming too much cigarette or coffee (Evil 4). Tension Headache Relief

Natural and herbal remedies for headaches at home

We have prepared before, “What is good for a headache? A natural and herbal solution at home!” You can find the natural and herbal solutions that you can apply at home and headache with tension-type situations.

In this research article; you will be able to find natural and herbal solutions such as mint oil, lavender oil, vitamins, cold compresses, coffee, green tea, ginger, magnesium supplements, and massages, as well as what other ailments are good for.

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