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Sweden’s coronavirus gambling: No ban, increase is high

Sweden’s coronavirus gambling: No ban, increase is high

The Swedish government, which declared that instead of applying prohibitions against the coronavirus epidemic, would follow a policy on citizens’ trust in taking responsibility, did not close the restaurants, bars, and schools in the country. However, the fact that the number of cases and deaths in the country increased more steeply than in other countries worried Swedish scientists and doctors. 2000 scientists and doctors wrote a letter to the government, demanding more drastic measures

While many of the European countries that are most severely affected by the coronavirus epidemic impose curfews and restrict entry and exit, a completely different strategy is followed to combat coronavirus in the northernmost part of the continent.

Sweden, one of the Scandinavian countries, has not declared any prohibitions despite all the cases in the country.

This controversial approach of Sweden, which does not close restaurants, bars or even schools, has caught the attention of US President Donald Trump, Trump said on Tuesday; “Sweden did this, herd, they call it herd. Sweden is suffering very badly,” he said.

The Swedish government is confident that coronavirus policy will work. According to Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, Trump’s claim of ‘herd immunity’ for Sweden is wrong. Linde sums up Sweden’s strategy with the words “There is no quarantine and we trust people to take responsibility for themselves.”

The herd immunity method, which aims to give immunity to many people by allowing the virus to spread in the society, has been brought to the agenda in England before, but London administration later abandoned this strategy.

Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell also rejected Trump’s criticism in a statement to Expressen and said, “I think Sweden is doing the right thing. The Swedish health system has so far managed the pandemic”.


According to the figures reported by John Hopkins University and last updated on April 9, 9141 cases have been seen so far and 793 people have died. While the people in the country were frequently called to wash their hands and pay attention to social distance rules, people over 70 were asked to stay at home as much as possible.

In the country where more than 50 people are forbidden to meet, time will show whether these measures are sufficient, but for now it is not possible to say that the figures are good compared to other countries.

According to the study by Imperial College, Sweden’s case and mortality rate ‘curve’ is steeper than neighboring countries. An estimated 3.1 percent of the Swedish population is reported to be infected in the study. This figure is 0.41 percent in Norway and 2.5 percent in England.

As of April 8, there were 67 deaths per 1 million Swedish citizens, 19 deaths per 1 million citizens in Norway, and 7 deaths per 1 million people in Finland.

Some scientists and doctors who thought the climb in Sweden was frightening sent a letter to the government to tighten the measures. The letter, which was signed by 2,000 people, warned that a sudden explosion could occur in the infection numbers.


While these are happening in the north of the continent, harsh measures continue in Italy and Spain, which are most severely affected by the outbreak.

After Spain, which had previously decided to extend the State of Emergency by the end of the month, it decided to extend the curfew restrictions in Italy.

Strict quarantine measures that have been applied against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak in Italy have been extended until May 3.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte made statements about the Kovid-19 emergency that has been going on for 7 weeks in the press conference held at the Prime Ministry Palace Chigi.

Speaking about the strict quarantine measures implemented since 10 March in the country, Conte said, “The measures are paying off. We extend the restrictive measures until May 3. This is a difficult decision but necessary. I take all political responsibility here. Now we give up all the positive we lose the results and are at risk of coping. ” used expressions.

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