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Sudden wrist pain

Sudden wrist pain

Pain in the hands and wrists, which are the organs our body uses the most, can be the harbinger of many diseases. The hand and wrist consist of a total of 27 bones. Hands and wrists, which have an important place in human life, both as a sense organ and a practicing organ, are the most vulnerable organs. Causes of sudden wrist pain?

Causes of wrist pain

  • Tendonitis: An infection in tendons can cause wrist pain. Pain in the wrist area is accompanied by swelling due to the infection.
  • Sprain: One of the most important causes of pain in the wrist is a sprain. Ankle sprains that result from the injury of the ligaments around the wrist joints restrict the movement of the hand for a while.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: The syndrome, which occurs when the nerve tissues in the wrist are not damaged, occurs in the region where the arm middle nerve passes through the wrist joint.
  • Joint inflammation (arthritis): There are many causes of joint inflammation. It develops depending on the arthrosis experienced in the wrist joint. Many different causes can cause inflammation of the joints, from extreme strain to stress.
  • Ganglion cyst: Ganglion cyst, which is a benign type of cyst, consists of capsules filled with fluid. Although the syndrome, which is manifested by swelling in the wrist area, grows in volume, it does not spread to other parts of the body.
  • Fractures and Injuries: One of the most common causes of wrist pain is orthopedic injuries. Falling, pulling, violent wrist fractures restrict hand movement. The wrist injury, which develops due to excessive weight lifting, especially in athletes, disturbs for a long time as it has soft tissue damage.

Treatment of wrist pain

When treating wrist pain, the underlying cause should be known. To diagnose these pains, you should definitely see an orthopedist and start treatment immediately. A wrist splint can be used to avoid moving for a while when the pain becomes severe and to prevent further damage. For limb pains that develop as a result of calcification, a wrist exercise recommended by a physical therapist can be performed. In the treatment of these pains, hot or cold applications can be used under the control of a doctor. Usually, ice application is used in swelling that develops as a result of disability in the wrist. Ice application shows the effect of reducing swelling in the first 48 hours in wrist sprains. Inflammatory pain medications are used in inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and tendonitis. The use of cortisone, which treats the infection in wrist pain, can also be recommended by doctors. In some wrist pain, arthroscopic wrist surgery, which is a surgical procedure, may be recommended by the doctor.

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