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Spinal Headache

Spinal Headache

Spinal Headache –Your migraine may not be your headache, which lasts for days, which isolates you from life, does not pass with painkillers and is very severe. It is not a pain killer treatment for spine pain mixed with migraines. Stating that the first vertebra that carries the skull is quite small and has limited mobility, he emphasizes that he has severe headaches because he compresses the nerve when he moves with the second vertebra. Migraine pain is confused with painkillers because of this situation is not a solution to be relieved and taken drugs, especially the liver damages many organs, he adds.

Distinguishing Symptoms of Spine Pain From Migraine

According to research, this pain, mixed with migraine, is due to the absence of the first vertebra. Distinguishing features; turn the head to the left or right side of the restricted or half, while making these movements of the nape of the root tenderness and pain is noted that the pain caused by the spine. He added that these pains will not go away with painkillers. The problems experienced in the first vertebrae, dizziness, stellar eyes, blur creates, this situation affects the third vertebrae ringing and tinnitus makes.

Migraine Treatment Process with Manual Physiotherapy

Manuel Physiotherapist Oğuzhan Söylemez; X-ray of the vertebrae can be diagnosed as a result of the evaluation of the status of the vertebrae, angles of different vertebrae can be corrected without the use of surgical methods by expert manual physiotherapists. During the birth of babies, crawling and carrying on the lap, children playing hopscotch, running, falling, the spine angle is distorted and if not corrected to grow in a curve, he points out.

Manual Physiotherapy: It is a scientific method that has been applied for more than a century in the treatment of pain and functional disorders of the spine and joints.
Dorn Therapy: It is the process of balancing the joints, muscles, ligaments, and nerves as they move. The compression method is used to bring the bone and joint from the distorted level to the required angle and position.
Chiropractic: It is a highly technical method where you can make spine misalignment specific. It is especially effective in neck problems. Manual therapy and Osteopathy help you where you are restricted.
Osteopathy: The word ‘osteopathy’ comes from ‘osteo’, which means ‘bone’. Although osteopathy is understood in this sense, although it is understood that the applications made to heal bone problems and relieve back and neck pain, the fields in which this science is applied are much larger than expected.

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