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Single Sided Throbbing Headache

Single-Sided Throbbing Headache

Half-headache is also called a one-way throbbing headache. It is a common problem among the public. This pain is usually based on migraine discomfort. A one-way throbbing headache is often progressive or decreasing. It is generally a short-term problem. Although rare, some varieties can last long. Such a situation may pose a vital risk. The pain may also be throbbing. High blood pressure, brain tumor, sinusitis, b12 deficiency, anemia, iron deficiency can also cause unilateral headaches.

What is migraine?

Migraine is a type of headache. To date, the cause is a complex disorder that is not fully understood. However, the most prominent element; pressure on the nerves due to the dilation of the vessels, and thus cause pain.

What distinguishes migraine from other headaches?

The features of migraines are as follows: Usually, it covers one side of the head. So, it’s a kind of headache that we call half a headache. For example; Although there are preliminary symptoms such as mild nausea and feeling of tiredness, the main symptom is throbbing pain. One of the characteristics of this pain is that it does not wake up at night. So, you can sleep while you have a headache, it doesn’t bother you at night, but when you wake up in the morning, a headache may continue.

Second, it does not show a certain trace. So, there is no spreading from the back of the head to the front. It is usually around the eye and unilateral. There are also migraine types starting from the neck. Unilateral pain allows differentiating tension from pain. The common feature of migraine patients is that they want to get away from society. They don’t want to be close to the stimuli, they run.

What are these stimuli?

For example; they are disturbed by light, noise, and smells. They’d rather find a quiet place to sleep. In short, there is an escape from pain. Therefore, they isolate themselves from society.

What triggers migraines?

Fatigue, insomnia, stress are the main factors. Lack of oxygen may also expand vessels. Therefore, it can be seen more in dirty environments and those working in dirty air. The statistics show that there are more women. The more sensitive female anatomy may cause this condition.

What is the place of drug use among treatment methods?

Patients use various analgesic drugs, namely painkillers because they have headaches. This is so intense that if migraine normally comes 4-5 times a month, it starts to come every day. In other words, daily, the headache becomes. Because unconsciously used drugs, migraine does not treat, as well as the shape changes. We call it a transformer migraine. With a deformed migraine, it can now become inextricable. In this sense, some treatment methods are available. The job is to cut all the painkillers. You should not take the drug randomly; only special medicines for migraines should be used. In addition, only treatments for migraine triggering factors can be made. In other words, it may be more comfortable, loose, stress-free to be positioned, and if this cannot be achieved, supplementation with drugs may be involved. More alternative methods, such as acupuncture, may also be employed. Apart from acupuncture, many alternative methods are used.

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