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Pressure Headache

Pressure Headache

While it is thought that the winter season gradually increases the effect, the air temperatures started to change again. This weather, which is called bacon heat among the people, also invites many diseases, especially headaches. A specialist from Memorial Şişli Hospital Neurology Department. Dr. Abdullah Özkardeş explained the effects of weather changes on headaches. What are the causes of pressure headache?

Pressure change in the air triggers headache

Weather conditions stand out as the most important environmental factor that triggers headache and migraine. A sudden change of a single air feature such as pressure, heat, humidity, and wind, or a sudden change of several of these features together can trigger pain. A sudden drop in air pressure, thickening of clouds, humidity increase, changes in temperature and exacerbation of the wind trigger migraine attacks and worsen the existing pain more than other weather characteristics. On the contrary, dry air combined with high air pressure and bright sunlight can soothe headaches.

Pay attention to the wind and stuffy environments

Hot, warm, very dry mountain and desert winds can cause headaches because they dry the wet surfaces in the mouth and nasal cavity and stimulate the airways. Headaches become more severe with ozone, carbon monoxide and other chemicals added to the atmosphere. On warm and calm days, impurities collect in the air and hang in the inactive clouds. Chemicals can trigger headaches directly or, as carbon monoxide does, can reduce oxygen in the blood and indirectly cause headaches. With the brain feeling low oxygen levels, the blood vessels expand in order to maintain blood supply. With this expansion, pressure increases in the brain and headaches occur.

It is believed that the aching joints among the people indicate the arrival of rain. It is possible to observe the family elders by rubbing their knees and saying, “My knees hurt, it will definitely rain”, which actually indicates a medical reality. Weather can trigger many medical problems, worsen complaints, and even increase the risk of death in some patients. Weather changes can affect asthma, diabetes, heart, arthritis and migraine patients.

Slow your life pace a little

In addition to sudden changes in the air, there are other important factors that trigger headaches. Aggressive career plans, extreme ambition, rush and daily rush that have become the basic components of modern life are one dimension of this; Excessive consumption of substances such as alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine is another dimension. Headache, one of the most common health problems, seriously affects the social lives and jobs of people.

Headaches are grouped as follows:

  • Tension-type headache: It is the most common type and is mainly caused by stress, fatigue, depression, and distress.
  • Sinus headache: Causes sinus infections.
  • Eye-related headache: It occurs as a result of focusing on something for a long time.
  • Secondary headache: Occurs due to another disease (For example, tumors)
  • Neuralgia: Headache with irritation of nerves.
  • Headache due to excessive substance use: Alcohol, nicotine and coffee often cause pain.

Use painkillers under doctor control

Most of the patients suffering from headaches easily reach over-the-counter pain relievers and treat themselves without consulting a doctor. Headaches should not be perceived as an insignificant condition. Medicines that are not taken under the control of a doctor will lose their effect completely after a while. Moreover, it should be remembered that headache, which is constantly suppressed with the medications taken, maybe a sign of a serious disease.

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