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Permanent Headache May Be A Reporter Of Tumors

Permanent Headache May Be A Reporter Of Tumors

The most important organ that provides the hormonal balance of our body is the pituitary gland. The most important disease originating from the pituitary gland is pituitary tumors. Permanent Headache May Be A Reporter Of Tumors

Symptoms may be very mild in a significant portion of pituitary diseases, so there is often a loss of time in the diagnosis. Specializing in endocrinology, which draws attention to headaches that do not pass. Dr. Fahrettin Keleremur, ‘despite detailed research can not be found the cause of headache pituitary tumor should be considered, “he said.

Tumors that occur in the pituitary gland, which is defined as the orchestra conductor of all the hormones in our body, can cause excessive secretion of hormone depending on the type of tumor and thus, the appearance of different diseases. In addition, pituitary hormones may be inadequately secreted due to the compression of the tumor mass. Pituitary diseases may present with a variety of symptoms such as headache, menstrual irregularity, weight gain, increase in hair growth and breastfeeding in women, but rarely milk in the nipple in men, hair loss, fatigue, fatigue, loss of strength and sexual insufficiency in men. . The majority of pituitary tumors are benign and very unlikely to have cancer. Yeditepe University Hospitals Medical Coordinator and Endocrinology Specialist Dr. Fahrettin KeleMemur, pituitary diseases due to a significant portion of the complaints can be seen in many non-pituitary diseases, patients may lose time until diagnosis, he said.


The pituitary gland, the most important organ for the development of the body

Professor of the pituitary gland, the conductor of the orchestra. Dr. Ahr This important pea-sized organ is located on the base of the head, just behind the root of the nose. Women may grow a little more during pregnancy. The pituitary gland secretes the hormones that the body needs. In addition, taking into account the level of hormones in the bloodstream, which hormone, when and how much to decide. The pituitary gland is the most important organ in the organism in terms of the development of our bodies, the functioning of organs and the maintenance of energy balance with these hormones secreted. ”


A contraction in vision is an important sign

As a result of excessive and excessive secretion of hormones may arise in different disease conditions, Prof. reminding. Dr. Fahrettin Keelemur, however, the problems may be seen depending on the size of the tumor reminded. Pituitary gland tumors should be considered in chronic headaches despite treatment. Dr. Fahrettin Keelemur continued:

“As the pituitary tumor grows upward, it may cause compression of the visual nerve, resulting in narrowing of the visual field and finally loss of vision, and may result in signs such as double vision or decreased eyelid. Therefore, some patients may apply to the ophthalmologist first. Pituitary tumors should be considered when there are such visual disturbances. ”

The Most Important Cause of Short Stature

The Most Important Cause of Short Stature
The Most Important Cause of Short Stature

The growth hormone responsible for lengthening is secreted from the pituitary gland. Dr. Fahrettin Keelemur continued:

En The most important cause of short stature is growth hormone deficiency. In contrast, excessive growth of the growth hormone during childhood, when the growth plates are not yet closed, results in excessive height growth or gigantism. If the growth hormone is secreted too much in adult age, the disease called acromegaly occurs. Growth is seen in the internal organs, face, hands or feet. These people stated that they did not have shoes due to the growth of the feet and that they could not wear their rings as a result of the thickening of the fingers. In addition, the tip of the nose grows, the forehead comes forward, the chin and tongue grow and the face becomes coarse. In addition to physical problems, metabolic and psychological disorders are frequently encountered in patients. ”


Caution If Hair Loss

The thyroid gland, the body provides energy balance that records. Dr. Ahr The operation of the thyroid gland is also under the control of a hormone called TSH secreted from the pituitary gland. If TSH deficiency occurs, thyroid gland failure (secondary hypothyroidism) occurs. These patients have symptoms such as chills, fatigue, fatigue, decreased appetite, and a tendency to gain weight and sleep. In excess of TSH (secondary hyperthyroidism), an excessive amount of thyroid hormone is secreted from the thyroid gland and symptoms such as slimming, shaking hands, palpitations, hair loss, and insomnia occur. Ortaya


Cortisol Balance of Those Who Can’t Lose Weight Despite Everything

In some pituitary gland tumors, more than normal ACTH hormone is secreted, and increased ACTH causes excessive cortisol hormone secretion from the adrenal gland, called Cushing’s disease. Weight gain despite treatment and life change

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