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Pains that indicate serious danger – LIST  presents the pain to consider: types of headaches

1. Irreversible and recurring headache:

If you have a headache that is unclear and does not work, especially if it has never been severe, does not respond to pain, nausea, vomiting or vision problems, then consult a specialist. Because non-transient headaches can sometimes be a precursor to the massive brain, cerebrovascular disease, or aneurysm in the brain. If people who use glasses have vision problems, it can cause headaches that do not respond to acne. Eye pressure, also known as glaucoma, should also be considered in the headaches associated with redness and blurred vision, and a specialist should be consulted to assess these problems. types of headaches

2. Severe pain in the chest, throat, chin, shoulder, arm or abdomen:

Immune chest pain may be a precursor to pulmonary dyspnea, pneumonia, or cardiac arrest, called pneumothorax. Remember that heart disease is mainly caused by pain. Patients with heart problems often report their complaints as “my heart squeezes, I feel like an elephant in my chest. In heart disease, chest pain is also visible.  It can also mimic symptoms such as heart disease, swelling, sore throat or anxiety in the abdomen In people with diabetes, heart attacks can manifest itself in the form of nausea and vomiting.

3. Pain caused by back or backbone:

The most common cause of such pain is arthritis. It is necessary to suspect rheumatic conditions, especially in the morning and with the accompanying movement pain. Problems in the bladder can be a pain to the shoulder.types of headaches

4. Severe abdominal pain:

Bladder and pancreas problems, gastric ulcer and intestinal obstruction can manifest itself with severe abdominal pain.types of headaches

5. Pain in the throat:

One of the lesser-known risks is deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The foot pain, accompanied by a level difference between the two feet, maybe a precursor to a blood clot formation in the deep veins of the foot. DVT may be caused by long-term bed regimens due to surgery or fatigue, or inactivity caused by long-distance travel, pregnancy, clotting, and sometimes in patients with cancer due to the use of birth control pills.types of headaches

6. Burning Feet:

One of the most common complaints, given the number of diabetes patients in our country, is the burning sensation, especially in the legs. It may be one of the first signs of peripheral nephropathy seen in the legs and feet. In addition to diabetes, this may be due to a number of reasons such as vitamin deficiencies and alcohol use.types of headaches

 7. Mixed and undetectable pain:

Depression, which has no physical cause, is also preceded by diseases that must be considered. Occasionally, patients may experience severe headaches and abdominal pain for no apparent reason. In this case, you should definitely get the help of a specialist psychiatrist.

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