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Migraine or non-migraine headache?

Migraine or non-migraine headache?

He stated that not every headache is migraine and successful results can be achieved with short-term treatments in non-migraine headaches. He said that pottery, nerve blocks, and botox injections gave satisfying results in both migraine and non-migraine headaches.

Stating that the headache significantly decreases the quality of life, and considering the mental side of the pain is as important as the sum of other treatments. Savaş Seramik answered the frequently asked questions about migraine and headache. He also noted the new methods used in the treatment. Pottery’s answers to curious questions about headaches and migraines are as follows:

What is the most common type of headache?

Tension-type is headache. The reason for this pain is the muscles of the head and neck region, which are tense and aching like bam wire. Trigger point injections are made to relax and calm these muscles. It is extremely successful. There are dozens of types of headaches. It should be treated with a personalized approach.

What headaches require urgent intervention?

Immediate intervention is required if sudden onset, unlike previous ones, with stiff neck and fever, accompanied by mental lands such as not being able to speak, and if there are half and full symptoms of paralysis. Such sudden headaches, most of which are another sign of disease, are called acute headaches. Also, there are often long-term headaches with an uncertain cause. These are called chronic headaches.

Generally, headaches are treated with oral painkillers and pain preventing medications. When these medications are not sufficient or side effects occur, new methods applied by pain treatment doctors come to the rescue.

What are the new methods used in treatment?

Especially in facial pain, medications given to the nerve root and radiofrequency waves provide painlessness for months and increase the effectiveness of oral drugs. It is an extremely effective method to numb the nerves carrying the pain in neck headaches.


Usually, the pain coming from our heart and soul is expressed in our body like a headache. After all, regardless of its source, it hurts, it gives pain. The most critical place of treatment is to describe the condition as it is. Then, methods such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, especially age-appropriate sports, are the first step of the treatment. In long-term stress type headaches, the method called dry needle or trigger point injection helps drugs both on its own and orally.

What to do in migraine headaches?

Apart from oral treatments, there are two main applications that have been shown to be effective in migraine headaches. One of them is based on numbing the nerves from the neck with radiofrequency waves. Although it varies according to the person, it is extremely effective in some cases. The other method is botox injections that are effective when applied in master hands.

Are these methods safe?

Nerve sleep is performed in migraine accompanied by ultrasound and has almost no side effects when performed with experienced hands. Botox applications are also rarely seen if there is no allergic event due to the drug used, it will not harm the patient. Likewise, dry needle and trigger point injections are also extremely safe for patients. Only applications in some varieties of facial pains can have their own side effects. This situation is shared with the patients beforehand and the procedure is never performed without the patient’s approval.

Who are the most suitable candidates for these methods?

Such interventions are generally recommended for patients who do not experience headaches with oral medications or who do not benefit enough. However, neck pain injections and nerve numbing procedures should be preferred primarily in pain caused by the neck. These interventions, which usually end in half an hour, can be repeated if the pain does not go away.

Are there any points to be considered before the intervention?

Those who use blood thinners and have internal diseases should definitely share this information with their doctors.

Does it only relieve pain or does it have a therapeutic effect?

Since the only symptom is a pain in most of the headaches, cutting pain means treatment. There is no problem in repeating the attempts mentioned in pain that does not go away in one go.

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