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Migraine avoid migraine triggers

Migraine avoid migraine triggers

The most important point in natural migraine treatment is to eliminate the things that trigger a migraine. I have listed the foods that trigger migraines and natural treatments for you. Does migraine avoid migraine triggers?

There are too many people in my family with migraine problems. Therefore, I have been working on the subject for a long time, both as a doctor and as a relative/relative.

There is much to do naturally besides medical treatment on the subject. I want to tell you about my experiences with the increase of such questions recently.

In this article, I will talk about natural migraine treatment, list the nutrients and other factors that trigger migraines, and talk about what you need to do to act properly.

If you are ready, we start!

Migraine: Disease in the dark

There are a lot of things that haven’t been clarified about migraines. Therefore, curiosity increases, patients feel lonely during the treatment process.

Here, I see that many of my patients also turn to painkillers. This situation is actually quite wrong. Because regular use of painkillers – which migraine patients tend to behave this way – causes pain to appear more easily in people.

In fact, this is simple medical information. If you suppress a sense, you make it more sensitive. In other words, as you suppress the pain, you are more sensitive to the pain that will develop later and the result is worsening migraine attacks that do not go away with drugs.

So painkillers are not the solution either. The methods such as botox and biofeedback, which are performed here, are not successful in every one. In other words, our focus on migraine treatment is not to correct the disease directly. Because we still do not have a clear treatment method

Instead, it is our first priority to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. This is what I want to give you here.

Migraine triggers

It is very important to find triggers and eliminate them in migraine patients. Because if you eliminate the factors that cause migraines, your pain and attacks will decrease.

I have many patients who have “almost” completely recovered from migraine attacks with a few simple suggestions. So you need to know the triggers. Here are the most important triggers!

Foods that trigger migraine

It contains quite a lot of tyramine in leavened foods. This substance affects the width of your blood vessels and the contraction process, causing headaches (1, 2). There is even no need for direct fermentation of nutrients. If consuming a meal that you have left in the cupboard for a few days causes headaches, you should not look for the problem in the distance.

What you need to do is to remove leavened bread, kefir, sauerkraut, wine and all other fermented foods from your diet.

I know most of the yeast foods are rich in probiotics and very healthy.

Therefore, I apply this restriction to my patients for a while, and after the migraine frequency decreases, I gradually add the yeast foods to their diets.

In this way, balance is created.

Foods that trigger migraine
Foods that trigger migraine

I have news to upset my chocolate-loving followers. Because chocolate contains phenylethylamine, known as the love hormone, which stimulates many different points in the brain. There are many studies showing that this substance is responsible for migraine attacks recently (3).

Therefore, reducing chocolate in migraine patients is a very important step.

Foods containing nitrite and nitrate facilitate the formation of nitric oxide in the body. This condition expands the vessels and a result of vascular dilation in the brain is a headache.

If you have migraines, it would be better to review the consumption of processed meat products (such as sausage, pastrami, sausage) and red beet which contain the most nitrite and nitrate in foods.

I also listed the rest of the foods that trigger migraines below.

  • Extremely cold foods can cause headaches by creating a sudden decrease in brain blood flow.
  • Exaggerating the consumption of monosodium glutamate, which is abundant in processed market products, may cause migraine attacks.
  • Consuming addictive products such as tea and coffee frequently can cause migraine attacks.
  • Sweeteners can cause serious migraine attacks. The most culprit sweetener type here is aspartame.
  • Sulfite, which is frequently found in dried fruits, can also trigger migraine attacks.

    Other things that trigger migraine

Of course, migraine isn’t just triggered by food. Your situation and lifestyle are also very effective in this regard.


  • Excessive stress causes many points on the brain to be stimulated. This can create serious headaches.
    Strong odors (such as gasoline, perfume) can cause headaches.
  • Birth control drugs change the body’s different levels of hormones and cause the body to work differently than normal, and this increases migraine attacks. For this reason, migraine is very rare in pre-adolescent girls. The time interval in which the frequency of migraine increases the most is puberty.
  • Sleeping problems (sleeping more or less) can increase your headache by causing you to stress more.
  • Also, environments with excessive noise or very bright and flickering / flashing light will activate the warning system on the brain. Likewise, computer and phone screens trigger migraine attacks. In such cases, your blood pressure increases and your blood vessels expand to prevent this. As a result, migraine attacks are triggered.
  • Changing your order can increase headaches. The name given to this condition is a headache over the weekend. Because people change their orders and experience more headaches at the weekend.

How will you find the right trigger?

I told you about dozens of different reasons that cause migraine attacks. There is an important point I want you to know here. Not all migraine sufferers are affected by the same triggers.

In other words, it is natural to have someone who consumes processed meat products, which is a general trigger but is not damaged. So it is very important to find the points that trigger you.

All you have to do is keep a detailed journal. In this diary,

  • The time and amount of sleep you entered into the bed,
  • The foods you eat that day,
  • How many hours you use computers and phones,
  • Days when you have a headache,
    You should write. When you start to review this diary, which you will keep for at least a month, list what you have done and eaten on the days when you have a headache. The activities and nutrients common to a few migraine attacks are probably what trigger your headache.

The last thing you will do is to eliminate your triggers. It’s that simple!

Natural migraine treatment methods

There are many different points to help migraine treatment. Although these will not allow you to be treated directly, they will help reduce the relief and relieve the attacks.

But it is not enough to apply these methods alone. Therefore, if you apply the treatment methods while reducing the nutrients and activities that trigger a migraine, you can manage migraines correctly.

Consuming anti-inflammatory foods reduces migraine symptoms in the long run. You should add omega 3 oils, one of the most important anti-inflammatory foods, to your turmeric and ginger diet. also

  • By reducing sugar consumption,
  • By reducing lectin and gluten consumption,

you can reduce inflammation.

Magnesium deficiency is a serious problem that can cause headaches. If you have a headache despite everything, magnesium supplements can be taken under the control of a physician.

Artificial light exposure causes serious headaches. The places where you are exposed to the most artificial light are television, computer, phone screens and white lights that you open at night. After 22:00, you can reduce the exposure of artificial light by turning off white lights and staying away from the screens of electronic equipment.

If you want to be protected from artificial light more effectively, you can review the article called an artificial light guide.

We know that silver button plant supplements reduce headaches and common nausea in migraine. Also, regular use can reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

As a result, migraine is a serious discomfort. The most important thing to do is to reduce the nutrients and other factors that trigger migraines and to apply natural methods used in migraine treatment.

So what is your solution to migraine pain? Don’t forget to share it with me!

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