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Men’s fearful dream: Cluster Headaches

Men’s fearful dream: Cluster Headaches

Cluster Headaches that occur during the transition of the season makes it difficult for men aged 20-40 years.

Neurology Specialist Cem Ortaçbayram said that headaches could last for many months after the headache started.

Dr. Cem Ortaçbayram, migraine and tension-related pain after headache, the most common type of cluster headache (KBA), 20-40 years of men’s lives, especially in the transition period makes it difficult, he said.
Neurology Specialist Ortaçbayram, seasonal acres, especially in the beginning of the spring triggered by the factors that triggered the periods of pain, he said.

Although there are exceptions, pain is unilateral, very severe, located in the eye region and short-term is considered to be one of the major symptoms of KBA. Dr. Cem Ortaçbayram, pain often boring, reactive, compressive or pressure in the style of feeling and the pain area is very sensitive to the touch of the presence of KBA doctors, he said.

If the pains recur at the same time

Dr. Cem Ortaçbayram said that a typical feature of KBA is the recurrence of attacks at the same time.
Bir A patient suffering from BPA usually wakes up a few hours after sleeping with a severe headache during the REM (dream period) and non-REM (non-dream period) periods. The pain period is always the same as in most patients with an alarm clock. Unilateral pain is most severe shortly after onset and spreads to the eyes, behind the eyes and temple. The onset and termination of pain can range from 15 minutes to 3 hours. These pain attacks ‘cluster’ periods can be repeated 8 times, including every other day. The most common attack period is 1-2 attacks per day. ”

Do not confuse with migraine


Unless the patient states that pain is unilateral, KBA can be confused with a migraine. Cem Ortaçbayram, therefore, the patient is a critical point in order to make a correct diagnosis in order to get a detailed history, 9 of every 10 cases encountered in men with males, as well as seasonal passages, although not gained certainty that the use of cigarettes and alcohol can trigger CBA pain stressed.

Classic pain relief treatments are not the solution

Cluster headache discomfort that usually does not respond to classical painkillers treatments stating. Ortaçbayram said, “As a treatment method, 100% pure oxygen is given to the majority of patients in the form of cures of 10-15 minutes per day during the pain period. Some of the rapidly acting pain relievers can be included in the treatment during pain attacks. Regardless of the quality of all cluster headaches, prophylactic treatment should be applied to reduce the duration and severity of pain attacks. ”

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