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Mary, 74, with chronic diseases, beat the coronavirus

Mary, 74, with chronic diseases, beat the coronavirus

Our citizens returning from Europe and Umrah were placed in student dormitories under the coronavirus measure and quarantined. The 74-year-old Meryemana Çelik, who was tested positive during the health checks in her homeland in Konya, was discharged with the applause after beating the disease in the hospital she was treated despite her asthma, heart disease, and hypertension.

Meryemana Çelik (74), who had a positive coronavirus test on the last day of her quarantine after returning from Umrah visit in Konya, beat the disease despite hypertension, asthma, and heart valve disorders. Çelik, who was sent off with applause by the hospital staff, said, “My mood was very high and I was discharged. No one should leave the house, and no one should be infected. ”

Meryemana Çelik, mother of 2 children living in Konya, stayed in quarantine for 14 days in her homeland after returning from Saudi Arabia, where she went to visit Umrah. Çelik, who had a positive coronavirus test on the day of quarantine, was treated at Necmettin Erbakan University Meram Medical Faculty.


Meryemana Çelik, who was discharged after 11 days of treatment, said that she had a high fever and cough complaint in Saudi Arabia, and that the doctors in the Religious Affairs Department intervened and treated her. Stating that he did not have any problems when he returned to Konya and during the quarantine period, Çelik said:


” We couldn’t find hot water there and had to shower several times with cold water. I had high fever and cough. The doctors of the Presidency of Religious Affairs treated. I’m healed. I had no discomfort when I got on the plane and stayed in the dormitory. They were constantly measuring our fire while in quarantine, and it was not high. When my test was positive when we left the dorm, I was treated. ”

Stating that the treatment process was good and healthcare professionals were very interested in him, Çelik said, “They looked very well here. Our state gave our food, made our treatment. Health workers took very good care. I was very upset. I have heart, asthma and hypertension. I’m healed. Now I will go home and I will go to my house from there, ” he said.

Çelik, who advised not to go out onto the streets, said, “They should not leave the house. Nobody should be infected. They should not accept guests. I have a son and daughter. One in Istanbul and the other in Antalya. After returning to them, I said ‘don’t come near me’. Now, they cannot come because the travel between provinces is forbidden. My wife is 82 years old, diabetic, and now we will stand in separate rooms. ”

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