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Headaches in children

Headaches in children

In children, headache is a pathology that causes parents to ignore it and to seek medical advice only when it becomes chronic and persistent and can cause any serious illness. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the child’s headache in detail and to explain the reasons. headaches in children

Attention to parents!

If your child starts to have headaches very quickly, declines in school success avoids activities that he enjoys and prefer silent and dark places to worry about too much light and noise, consult a specialist if you have a sleeping headache. Our brain is not sensitive to pain as an organ. However, it must be said that any pressure that causes the brain to exert pressure can cause pain and fluid in the bloodstream. Girls have more headaches. Studies have shown that age, sex, and family conflicts play a significant role in the causes of headaches. The headaches are seen in equal proportions in girls and boys until they are seven years of age, and the stress is increasing in girls after this age. The incidence of recurrent headaches is 2.5% to seven years of age, and by 15 years the rate is 15%. In early adulthood, girls are twice as common as men.

Take care of foods during headaches in children.

Headaches are divided into primary and secondary headaches. Initially, we see first-hand disorders such as migraine, tension-type, and bulge. This type of headache is usually recurrent. They do not threaten life, but negatively affect the quality of life. Environmental factors can be irritating to this type of headache. For example, noise, too much light, hunger, fatigue, insomnia, stress, wind and high pressure, some foods (cheese, chocolate, caffeine drinks, some fruits, prepared foods containing monosodium glutamate, increase the symptoms of headaches. The patient is completely normal.

Insomnia can cause headaches.

Make sure that your children are well-organized and well-rested. Also, excessive use of computers, tablets, and phones can cause headaches, such as delayed sleep, and sleep deprivation. Limit the time to use these communication and entertainment tools for your child’s health and ensure they are in control. First, remove the causes. Drug treatments that prevent acute headache and the occurrence and emergence of crises are different and should be directed to a physician. Without the permission of a physician, painkillers can have lasting and long-term effects on the vital organs such as the kidneys and liver. First of all, treatment should be chosen to eliminate the cause.

Make an eye examination.

In children, vision defects can also cause headaches. Eye and vision problems in children are not always easily recognized. It is recommended that you do a repeated eye examination even if you have no complaints. Treatment until the headache condition is eliminated is either of short-term benefit or is ineffective.

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