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Headache ! Questions?

Headache! Questions?

Is headache today’s disease?

No. Information about headaches goes back to three thousand years before Christ.

Does everyone have the same headache?

No. For some people, occasional mild discomfort, while for others, quality of life can be impressive, and may even be a sign of serious illness.

How is headache diagnosed?

A detailed history of headache taken from our patients constitutes the most important step in the diagnosis. For example, migraine is a diagnosis made with history.

Headache classification can be summarized as follows:

A- Primary Headaches

  • Migraine
  • Tension-type headache
  • Others

B- Headaches due to a disease
Head trauma
Vascular diseases
Diseases related to extravascular brain structure
Metabolic disorders (such as diabetes, respiratory disorder, dialysis)
Neck, eye, ear, sinus diseases neuralgias

What is migraine?

Migraine is a headache that occurs from time to time, accompanied by various combinations of neurological or gastrointestinal symptoms.

What are the features of migraine?


  • Moderate or severe headache.
  • It has a throbbing character.
  • It is usually unilateral.
  • Disturb light and / or sound.
  • The pain can last up to 72 hours.
  • Nausea can be accompanied by vomiting.
  • It is related to exercise.

Are all of these features necessary for the diagnosis of migraine?

No, some may not.

What does migraine aura mean?

Migraine aura is a neurological symptom that occurs before or during an attack. It develops in 5-20 minutes and lasts less than 60 minutes.

What are these symptoms?

There may be visual disturbances. For example, simple flashes of light, dots, geometric shapes, and dark areas.

Does migraine always have an aura?

No. There may also be migraine without aura.

Genetics of migraine

Studies on this subject have reached the molecular level. Abnormalities were found on chromosome 12 in familial migraine with weakness.

Role of triggering factors in migraine

The patient should identify the factors that initiate migraines such as food, odor, hunger, and insomnia and should avoid them.

Is there a treatment for migraines?

Yeah. When we look at the treatment possibilities, we see that there are many options.

How does a Tension Headache?

It is mostly bilateral.
It has a compressive and suppressing feature like a circle in temples.
It often interferes with daily life activity.
There is no aura
Can tension headache come from time to time like a migraine?

Yeah. However, sometimes it can continue uninterrupted for a long time.

Is there a treatment for a tension-type headache?

Yeah. Painkillers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, combination therapies, and muscle relaxants are useful. However, it is suitable for use under doctor control.

Can an individual have both migraine and tension headaches?

Yeah. In such cases, tension-type headache is more severe.

What is the misuse of the drug means a headache?

The “reaction is headache çıkan caused by excessive and uncontrolled use of drugs. This is a kind of drug addiction. In such cases, preventive treatment becomes very difficult. Medication is discontinued, withdrawal is experienced and headache may increase in the first period, but this period can be overcome with patient-doctor collaboration.

What kind of examinations are done in headaches?

Blood test
Imaging methods
Others (examinations vary according to the preliminary diagnosis.)
Should an MRI be performed for each headache?

The first and worst headache in the patient’s life, usually sudden onset
Increased severity and frequency of headache
If a headache occurs after the age of 50
If you have epileptic seizures and so on. MRI is requested for other reasons.
Is headache important in the elderly?

Yeah. Generally, if there is a severe headache in the temple, a neurological examination is essential. There may be an emergency in terms of visual loss.

Headaches during menstruation

It is a part of premenstrual syndrome before menstruation.
It is associated with abdominal pain during menstruation.
It is important to distinguish between these two situations. Because the treatment is different.

Migraine in menopause

There may be exacerbation or improvement. There are different opinions on this issue. 2/3 of women who naturally entered menopause have been shown in a study in which migraine improved.

Sinusitis Headache

It can be unilateral, it can be mistaken for migraine at such times.
It is exacerbated in the morning or for those who remain in the desk position for a long time.
There is sensitivity when the percent sinuses are pressed.
Nasal discharge, nasal congestion may attract attention.
Hypertensive headache
It usually starts from the neck.
Spread to the top of all of the head.
It could be throbbing.
Even in young people, arterial blood pressure should be checked at home.
Hypertension should be controlled if there is, otherwise brain vascular disease such as cerebral hemorrhage may develop.
Which physicians deal with headaches?

Which physicians deal with headaches?

Neurologists dealing with a headache

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