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Headache on top of head

Headache on top of head is one of the most common health problems of today. This problem is often perceived as pain relief, sleep and rest can be perceived as a problem and may be ignored. However, a headache can be very cause and varied.

What causes headaches?

Today, hundreds of varieties have entered the medical literature. Some types may be caused by thirst, fatigue, stress, high blood pressure, menstrual period or migraine, while others may indicate an important disease.


Headaches can be divided into two groups:

  • Primary headaches; migraine, vascular headaches, and tension headache.
  • Disease-induced headaches; metabolic diseases, vascular diseases, head trauma, brain diseases, infections, sinusitis, and neuralgia…


If it’s too violent…

very severe and sudden headache should be considered. Such pain can be a precursor to brain tumors. Headache, a symptom of bleeding brain tumors, is a type of headache that is as intense as the person has never experienced before, and then loss of consciousness develops. Brain tumors grow in the skull and put pressure on the brain. Sometimes the top of the head, sometimes the front part of the head, sometimes the back of the head and neck pain occurs. Sometimes it leads to double vision and blurred vision without a headache. These symptoms may be accompanied by prolonged nausea, vomiting, weakness of the limb, visual impairment and speech impairment. Headaches may be more, especially in the morning. Headache on top of head


If it shows continuity…

Headaches due to brain tumors usually occur in moderate to severe pain, but not very severe, but it creates continuity. Such headaches do not respond to treatment if the problem is not noticed.

How can innocent headaches be distinguished from others? Dr. Elif Ilgaz Aydınlar states that 90 percent of the headaches is innocent and says:

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