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Headache on right side of the head only

Headache on right side of the head only

Causes of headache only on the right side of the head? Sometimes a headache is chronic, but sometimes it can come suddenly and severely. Especially headaches that suddenly come in the form of “stabbing olabilir may be a sign of brain hemorrhage. Liv Hospital Neurosurgery Specialist Dr. Talat Kırış ‘baş Headache in aneurysm bleeding is very severe. Patients describe this pain as “They hit me with a sledgehammer”. One of the two important factors that trigger aneurysm bleeding is smoking and the other is high blood pressure. Smoking increases bleeding. Failure to control high blood pressure can also cause an aneurysm to bleed, ’he says.

It is possible to detect aneurysm without bleeding

An aneurysm is the formation of bubbles at the weak point of the vessel wall. This occurs mostly in areas where the vessels are divided into two. The vessel has several layers. As a result of the weakness in one of these layers, the balloon grows slowly. When aneurysm bleeding occurs, a very risky situation occurs. Almost half of the patients are lost. However, with the current diagnostic methods, it is possible to detect an aneurysm without bleeding.

The most typical symptom is a sudden and severe headache

An aneurysm hemorrhage suffers from pain that is incomparable to other headaches. Almost every person has suffered a headache once in their lives. But headache in aneurysm hemorrhage is very severe. Patients describe this pain as du I was hit with a sledgehammer on my head ”, bomba A bomb exploded in my head” or “Suddenly a knife got stuck”. Apart from hemorrhage, aneurysms present by compressing the surrounding nerves or neck tissue, especially when they reach large dimensions.

Can be diagnosed by Mr angiography and Bt angiography

The formation of the aneurysm cannot be prevented for today. However, an established aneurysm can be diagnosed by MR angiography and CT angiography techniques. There are two main treatment methods in aneurysms. One of them is angiography which is performed by entering through the vein. The other is surgical treatment. In both methods, a team of neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists should come together to investigate what is most useful for the patient. Nowadays, with the development of technology, operations are more successful. One of the most important developments in the angiography that is added to the aneurysm microscope. With this method, it is possible to see the patient’s vessels, capillaries, and the structure of the aneurysm with a substance given during surgery. Once the aneurysm is closed, it can be seen whether the aneurysm is closed, whether the capillaries coming out of the aneurysm are intact or not.

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