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Headache chart

Headache chart

Headache is one of the most disturbing health problems in daily life. The causes of this pain, which may occur due to various reasons, can be instantaneous situations or they may emerge as signs of chronic diseases from time to time. So, how does headache resolve and what is good for it? headache chart

Headache chart treatment may vary depending on whether the disease occurs with chronic or immediate conditions. In chronic situations, treatment can take a little longer, while instant situations can be treated with headache convenience by various methods. Here are the headache treatment methods and suggestions about how the pain will go away… headache chart

How does the headache pass?

headache chart
headache chart

Most of the time, no reason to resort to medications to relieve the headache that ruins today! Using natural medicines for headaches, which you can also spend by applying natural methods, will damage your body more than you think. Here are the natural methods you can apply:

Take advantage of the naturalness of lemon and mint.

Put half a lemon juice and 3 leaves of mint in a glass of water and let stand for a while. Then soak a cloth in this water and put it on your forehead and soak the cloth every 15 minutes.

Do not underestimate the benefit of hot water.

headache chart
headache chart

You can put your feet in hot water and put a bag full of ice on your neck. In this way, the difference between hot and cold will change the blood flow in your body, blood vessels will relax and reduce your headache.

Ginger is always your assistant.

Add 1/3 T.K powder or freshly grated ginger into a glass of hot water and drink. Ginger’s intense aroma and herbal effect will cause your blood vessels to dilate, so your pain will slowly relieve

Only one ice can even cure.

Squeeze an ice cube in the palm of your hand with all your strength. Feeling that your hand is frozen is the most important trick! As the ice in your hand raises your pain threshold, you will not feel your headache.

Redirect your pain threshold to another location.

Just like ice, squeezing the tissue between your thumb and forefinger will direct your pain threshold. Directing your pain threshold will alleviate your headache. headache chart

One way to reduce the pressure on your head is the pen!

Pinch a pen between your teeth, but don’t bite it strongly. Releasing your lower jaw will relieve your pain by reducing the pressure in your head.

Pay attention to nuts.

Salicillin in raw almonds may be the best eaten to reduce your headache. 20 is enough to eat.

Because of its relaxing properties, lavender oil is used in many aromatherapy applications. There are two methods for your headache. Half a pot of boiled water 4-5 drops of lavender oil dripping and breathing steam will relax you. Apply lavender oil and almond oil in 1/3 ratio and massage to your temple. When consumed in normal amounts of coffee, it prevents pain from reaching the brain, while half a lemon is squeezed into it, allowing caffeine to act quickly.

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