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Headache After Alcohol

If you wake up in the morning after taking alcohol, you will be advised to do so if you have an unpleasant headaches, stomach trouble, and fatigue. Headache After Alcohol

1. Mix soda water and buttermilk

When you wake up in the morning after drinking alcohol, mix buttermilk and soda water to reduce dizziness and fatigue. Carbonated water and buttermilk will also help your stomach to balance, as well as balance your ion balance.

2. Sedergine or Alka Seltzer

This drug, taken after dissolving in water, will help you relax in 20-25 minutes and help prevent unpleasant side effects caused by alcohol. But be careful when taking this medicine. Overdose can cause stomach bleeding.

3. Coffee and lemon juice

If your nausea is severe, squeeze a spoonful of lemon into the coffee and drink it. It will show its effect in 5 minutes.

4. Water

After drinking alcohol, the body loses a lot of water. That is the reason why you are in pain and tired. After drinking alcohol, drink plenty of water before you go to bed. In this case, when you wake up in the morning, you will not experience weakness, fatigue, and pain. Headache After Alcohol

Please note that in order to avoid unpleasant situations as we have mentioned above, you must first reduce your alcohol intake.

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