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Corona virus is transmitted through blood? The expert announced …

Coronavirus is transmitted through blood? The expert announced …

There is a decrease in blood donation due to coronavirus pandemic. Many people are concerned about both finding blood and getting infected from the blood. Thalassemia patients who have to take blood regularly also ask “Coronavirus is transmitted through blood?” asks the question. There are those who think, “If I go to donate blood, will corona be infected?” Mediterranean Blood Diseases Foundation (AKHAV) President Prof.Dr. Duran Canatan explained

The outbreak of coronavirus, which occurs in China and spreads to the whole world, affects life negatively. Mediterranean Blood Diseases Foundation (AKHAV) President Prof.Dr. Duran Canatan explained that patients with thalassemia are worried about not being able to find blood due to the coronavirus. Reminding that there are around 6 thousand patients with thalassemia in the country, 3 thousand have to take 1-2 units of blood per month regularly. Canatan said that patients with thalassemia use 7-8 thousand units of blood monthly, and all blood are supplied from the Red Crescent Blood Center, filtered.

Saying that all patients are concerned about both blood finding and virus transmission with the Coronavirus outbreak, Prof.Dr. Duran Canatan explained that as a result of the researches, it was determined that the coronavirus was not transmitted by blood. Prof. dr. “Patients with thalassemia are concerned that the coronavirus is transmitted through blood. They call us and say, ‘Coron virus is transmitted through blood?’ they ask.

Who can donate blood? Coronavirus heavy fighters …

No such thing. People who are already healthy, people who do not show any symptoms of the virus can easily donate blood. It has also been revealed in publications that the coronavirus does not pass through blood. People who are infected and survive heavily cannot donate blood anyway. The virus cannot donate if they make viremia (viral infection) and overcome the disease. So there is no need to worry, “he said.

Stating that he heard that the blood stocks in the Red Crescent Blood Center decreased, Prof.Dr. Duran Canatan said, “If I go to give blood, there are people who are concerned about coronavirus infection. Giving blood is voluntary. Red Crescent is in trouble during this period as its blood stocks decrease.

Since people do not leave the house and pay attention to social isolation, they cannot donate blood. However, some patients need blood. When patients need blood, they will need to take their relatives or blood donors. But I hope we will get through these problems soon, without the need for this. “

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