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CNN: Coronavirus was produced at the virology laboratory in Vuhan

CNN: Coronavirus was produced at the virology laboratory in Vuhan

American CNN Television has claimed that US intelligence is investigating allegations that the Covid-19 virus, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, has spread from a virology laboratory in the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak began in China.

This claim, which has been the subject of conspiracy theories for a long time, was brought back to the agenda with a report published by the Washington Post newspaper the day before.

The newspaper wrote that two embassy officers who visited the Vuhan Institute of Virology warned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in January 2018 that the laboratory’s security measures were insufficient and that the work carried out here could lead to the onset of an SARS-like outbreak.

It is stated that the laboratory of the laboratory, which was stated to be founded with the technological and financial support of the USA, removed the news about the visit of the American officials last week.

It is said that a new graduate student who works in the laboratory and who is claimed to be the first to see the virus has also removed the profile on the site.

The lab is a few kilometers from the fish market, where wild animals believed to be the starting point of the outbreak are also sold.


Based on CNN intelligence sources, American officials do not believe that the virus was developed as a biological weapon, but Covid-19 is investigating the possibility that it may have been accidentally spread here, or that a person working there may have transmitted the disease to others.

U.S. Chief of General Staff Gen. Mark Milley was asked these allegations yesterday.

Organ. “Intelligence has studied these allegations seriously. Although there is substantial evidence that the (virus) is naturally occurring, there is no conclusion. But still we cannot be sure,” Milley said.

CNN suggested that the theory that the virus originated from the laboratory in Vuhan was kept on the agenda by Trump’s supporters and Republicans in Congress.

CNN argued that these groups were trying to divert attention from Trump, the way in which the crisis was directed, was the target of criticism.


US President Trump responded to a question about why a significant proportion of deaths worldwide occurred in the United States, saying the dead numbers of other countries did not reflect the truth.

“Does anyone believe the numbers from these countries?” asked.

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