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Chronic Migraine Causes?

Chronic Migraine Causes

What isĀ  Chronic Migraine Causes? Chronic migraine is a treatable neurological disorder without a normal headache and is one of the most common diseases among people.

Chronic migraine disease, which is more common in young women with hormones, is slightly less likely to occur in men. In general, 20% of women and 8% of men are known to have chronic migraines. Chronic migraine is a throbbing or sharp pain in the temple.

What is Chronic Migraine? What are the reasons?

The occurrence of headaches in attacks is described as a chronic migraine. In general, migraine attacks are seen at most 1-2 times a year for some people, while others may occur several times a month. It can be said that most of the chronic migraine pain is quite severe. The main distinguishing feature of chronic migraine pain from other headaches is nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity, and sound sensitivity, as well as severe headache.

Therefore, it can be said that chronic migraine patients are affected negatively by their daily lives because of these additional disorders except headaches. The first cause of chronic migraine disease is genetic factors. People with migraines in their families have a high risk of developing chronic migraine. Another reason is hormonal changes. Therefore, chronic migraine is most common in women. The severity of migraine pain increases especially during menstrual periods in women.

Symptoms of Chronic Migraine

The most effective symptom of chronic migraine is a headache. However, this pain, unlike normal headaches, is quite severe and may render the person inadequate to prevent any action. Chronic migraine is known as unilateral headache. Although the sides change from time to time, the pains are collected on one side as a whole. Pain in the temples, forehead, and back of the head, behind the ear, is considered a symptom of chronic migraine.

Chronic Migraine Treatment

For the treatment of chronic migraine, the diagnosis must be made first. People with recurrent headaches are asked for brain tomography. Chronic migraine is a treatable disease. Depending on the duration of the attacks, it is possible to treat the disease completely with the use of medications given by the doctor. Drugs used in the treatment of chronic migraines should be taken once a day.

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