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Causes Headaches Everyday

Causes Headaches Everyday

If you spend more than half a month experiencing headaches, you have a chronic headache. 4% of adults have headaches almost every day. There are things that can be done in this case where drugs are helpless. Causes Headaches Everyday

1. Why Do We Have Headaches?

Migraine and Tension Headache: Headache at a young age starts to become more frequent towards middle age. No longer taken painkillers pain-proof. One in ten people with migraine and tension headaches can come to this situation.

Headaches Due to Excessive Drug Use (Permanent Daily Headache): Initial painkillers and migraine medications stop pain at a young age. As the frequency of pain increases, the number of drugs taken increases. Adults who want to save the day and continue to work start taking medication every day. After a while, the medicines do not relieve the pain, but if it is not taken, more headaches are taken.

Chronic Cluster Headache and Hemicrania Continua: Severe pain attacks in the eye and temple on one side of the head. Every day can be at certain times or continuously.

Headaches as a result of disease: a Brain tumor, inflammation of the brain, cerebral hemorrhage, brain injury after head trauma may also be headaches. There are also headaches caused by the structures surrounding the skull. Sinusitis, inflammation of the arteries in the temple (temporal arteritis occurs in advanced age), jaw joint problems, glaucoma, eye diseases such as continuous headaches.

Headache due to drug use: heart, blood pressure, COPD, stomach medications and some hormonal medications commonly used in the elderly, may cause headaches.

2. Who develops a continuous headache?

Headaches of some traits are prone to chronicity.

  • Women
  • Highly sensitive
  • Stress overload
  • Snore
  • Coffee, alcohol-like stimulants overuse
  • Irregular sleep
  • Those who are prone to excessive drug use

3. What Causes Continuous Headaches?

Like a thief in constant headaches, he slowly steals material and spiritual things in your life.

  • Depression and unhappiness
  • Irritability, intolerance
  • Attention and concentration reduction
  • The decrease in work efficiency
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Constant fatigue
  • Constant pain in the body
  • Decrease and deterioration in family, work and friend relationships
  • Negative effects on sexual life

4. What should people with continuous headaches do?

If you have a chronic headache unhappy and despair is inevitable. First of all, you should know that this situation can change. Then you must start making changes to change yourself and your life.

Confirm your diagnosis by referring to neurology.
You will be asked to stop taking medicines altogether. You can try very hard though.
Ask for support and understanding from those around you. Express what you’re going through and break them.
Try to make your life more organized. Causes Headaches Everyday

5. How should chronic headache be treated?

In classical treatment, it is forbidden to completely take medication, and it is recommended to use Nazis’ epilepsy drugs. Although it is difficult, it is a partial treatment. Those who try integrative medicine or alternative medicine, acupuncture, neural therapy and so on, benefit more. The most accurate approach can be by finding and solving the causes. Gokmen Approach reveals the reasons. It uses treatments that regulate the autonomic nervous system, such as neural therapy. Thus, it is corrected for the negative effects of continuous medication. In those who suffer from continuous headaches, there are mostly problems related to the tooth-jaw complex, such as clenching. Headaches and medications can be completely out of your life with the help of professional work in this field. Causes Headaches Everyday

“It is possible to get rid of continuous headaches. You can have a painless life! …


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