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Another Epidemic After Covid-19: Lassa Epidemia

Another Epidemic After Covid-19: Lassa Epidemia

While the world was struggling with the coronavirus, another epidemic news came. The Lassa fever epidemic that occurred in Nigeria has been taken seriously. While the number of cases was 932, 176 people died.

While dealing with the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, another epidemic news came from Nigeria. Lassa epidemic, which is said to be passed from animal to human, has been carried to serious dimensions. The number of cases and deaths began to frighten. Experts say that the epidemic is experienced every year, especially in cases, it has been on the rise between November and May.

Speaking that the outbreak first appeared in 1969, last year an emergency was declared by the government in Nigeria, the place of the outbreak. 129 people died in Nigeria last year due to the epidemic.


A statement about this outbreak was made by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control. In that statement, the Lassa epidemic has now spread to 29 states. However, while the number of cases was 932, 176 people died. It was stated that the duration of the disease ranged from 2 to 21 days.

This epidemic, known to pass from mouse feces to people, can also be passed from person to person. When a person suffers from an epidemic, he is killed by high fever with bleeding.

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