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5 Questions Orgasmic Headache


1. What is Orgasmic Headache?

Severe explosive pain that occurs during orgasm is called orgasmic headache. Headache during sexual intercourse is a common problem. The orgasm headache occurs during full orgasm. It can take from 10 minutes to 1 hour. There are more ones. It is felt in the nape and at the beginning. It is common between the ages of 20 and 30-35. This may not be because the situation is really excessive. Men can raise these issues more. Since women have a low rate of orgasm in sexual intercourse, they may be less common in women. Some of those with migraine and those with tension headaches have orgasmic headaches. The number of people who avoid sexual intercourse because of these headaches, which can be rarely dangerous, is not limited.

2. Causes orgasmic headache?

Orgasmic headaches are common because they are known. It is more common in migraineurs. However, for the first time and if the relationship is experiencing severe pain, a neurologist should definitely see. There may be a vascular disorder in the brain and it may bleed with effort. This is a vital and dangerous situation. This type of SAK (subarachnoid hemorrhage) is usually exerted by bleeding.

Apart from these rare cases, headache is usually caused by stress and tension in the neck and neck muscles due to spasm and physiological changes in the relationship. In addition, drugs such as depression, birth control pills, blood pressure medications can have negative effects.

orgasm headache
orgasm headache

3. Is orgasmic headache dangerous?

Orgasmic headaches can be very dangerous, though rare. The patient describes this pain as the worst headache he has ever experienced. The first person experiencing severe pain during orgasm should be considered as a serious emergency. Because it may be due to a brain hemorrhage. These pains are not common, but when they are life-threatening and require immediate evaluation and treatment. Distorted enlarged bubble areas in the vessels inside the brain called aneurysm can tear and bleed when exerted by effort. In that case, it looks like a bomb went off. If there is such a suspicion, it is necessary to examine the brain tomography. If there is no evidence of hemorrhage on the CT scan, it may be necessary to take cerebrospinal fluid from the lumbar region and look for blood in this fluid. Those with such a congenital vascular disorder may not be aware of all their lives. One day, if forced, it will cause an explosive headache. Such a situation is very risky for human health.

4. How does an orgasm headache affect life?

Orgasmic headaches are quite common. It often causes avoidance of sexual intercourse, but many people who suffer from this pain do not think to consult a doctor. The person suffering from this pain should always consult a doctor. After the examinations and examinations, it is comforting to know that there is no serious underlying problem.

These pains seriously affect sexual life. Women with orgasmic headaches avoid sexual intercourse. My head, which is reflected in cartoons, doesn’t have a headache, but it has some share in these pains. In men, it can often result in impotence. As a result, there is a significant effect on the fear of avoiding the relationship.

5. What should people with orgasmic headaches pay attention to?

The majority of those experiencing these pains are those with a history of migraine and tension headaches. The probability of the occurrence of orgasm pain during stressful periods is intense. If there is an orgasmic headache during these periods, it is useful not to force the conditions for several weeks. Migraine and tension headache causes of treatment are the most effective solution. Since such treatment cannot be provided immediately, it may be good to take a little break from the relationship. Repeated sexual activity and positions that reveal pain in the relationship can be avoided at least on the same day. It may be good to be a little more passive during painful periods.

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