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German President Steinmeier: This epidemic is the test of our humanity

German President Steinmeier: This epidemic is the test of our humanity

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that influenced the world was a human test.

Steinmeier called on the public to be patient, disciplined and show solidarity in his address to the nation, which will be broadcast on television this evening due to the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Stressing that the COVID-19 epidemic is not a war, Steinmeier said, “Nations and soldiers do not come face to face. On the contrary, this is the test of our humanity. This ensures that the best and worst in the individual emerges. Let’s show each other the best in us.” used expressions.

Steinmeier, who warned that Germany cannot survive this crisis when its neighbors are not strong and healthy, stated that Germany should be in solidarity with other countries 30 years after the unification of the two Germany and 75 years after the end of the Second World War.

Pointing out that the outbreak also shows how vulnerable people are, Steinmeier said:

“We believed that maybe we will not be injured for a long time, everything will be faster, go higher and further. However, this was a mistake. However, this crisis also shows how strong we are. We can build something on it. ”

Stating that Germany has been impressed by the efforts it has made in recent weeks, Steinmeier said, “But the danger has not passed yet.” warned.

Regarding when to mitigate the measures taken due to Kovid-19, Steinmeier stated that not only politicians and experts would decide, but the public should be patient and disciplined. “It’s in all of us,” Steinmeier said.

Demanding the solidarity in this crisis to be shown in the future, Steinmeier said, “We will be another society after this crisis. We don’t want to be a fearful skeptical society. We can be a more trusting, respectful and hopeful society. ”

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