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‘Much more dangerous outbreaks can occur than coronavirus’

‘Much more dangerous outbreaks can occur than coronavirus’

Russian military doctor Lieutenant Colonel Aleksey Vodovozov said that the new type of coronavirus is more harmless to humans than previous plague outbreaks, but there are many more dangerous viruses that can cause an outbreak in nature.

Speaking told Vodovozov, “The coronavirus outbreak was not the first, but the first in my opinion, the return of the H1N1 swine flu. It was an ‘exercise’ and not sufficiently taken into account. Experts have long been the perfect human population in these animals, where humanity has taken over new areas and lives in these areas. They warn that there are viruses and bacteria that can migrate in this way. This is what we are facing now, and this is an ‘exercise’ epidemic.

Stating that the ‘tactical and technical characteristics’ of the new type coronavirus (Covid-19) are relatively weak, Vodovozov said:

“The death rate cannot be said to be lower than the flu, because if taken as a percentage, then the death rate is much higher. It is potentially dangerous, of course, but the majority is still recovering. But this virus could come to us with another feature, for example, a 90 percent death Then it would be a different situation when the world wasn’t ready. ”
Reminding that the Justinianian plague (541-750 years) destroyed 40 percent of the population at that time and Black Death (1346-1353 years) destroyed 60 percent of the European population, Vodovozov said, “There are still pathogens with the same ‘fatal’ features in nature. and if they do, we can’t do anything that will work against them. “

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