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10 ways to relieve throbbing headaches without medication

10 ways to relieve throbbing headaches without medication

You never know when the headache is coming. However, you do not need to take medication immediately to spend the headache that often ruins your day for no reason. Because there are ways to relieve your headache by applying natural methods. We’ve compiled 10 ways to relieve drug-throbbing headaches


1-Apply ice to your forehead

One of the mechanisms that cause migraine is the dilation of the brain vessels. The enlarged vessels press the brain tissue and expose the pain. Most painkillers relieve pain by narrowing the enlarged brain vessels. If you put ice on your forehead and temples during pain, your veins narrow due to the cold. Applying ice acts as a painkiller. In tension-type headache, on the contrary, a hot application should be done.


70 percent of those with migraine massage 30 percent pain relief, while increasing. “Does massage relieve your pain?” “No, I can not touch the painful place, massage makes my pain worse” response we understand that the patient will be difficult to treat migraines.

There are some points we recommend massage for migraine:

● Between both eyebrows and nasal root.

● The center of the forehead between the two eyebrows.

● Right and left regions of the neck where the skull is sharp.

● Both temple areas.

Massaging these points for about 10 minutes of relieves pain. Massage to be more effective can be done with propolis cream.


Wrapping your head with cheesecloth or tape will have the same cold application-like effect, helping to relieve pain by narrowing the brain vessels.



Those who experience migraine or tension headaches are very uncomfortable with sound and light. The pain can often be triggered in audible environments such as shopping malls. They do not want to listen to their favorite song during pain, children can not stand their voices while playing. Even if you think sırasında I am not disturbed by sound sırasında during your pain attack, a quiet environment will alleviate your pain.


At the weekend, headache complaints increase because sleep times change, sleep later and wake up late. Weekend and weekday sleep times should shift at most 1 hour. Sleep time should not be less than 7 hours, not more than 9 hours. While it is not easy to sleep with the severity of the pain during the attack, try to sleep in a quiet and darkroom.

6-be outdoors

45 minutes-1 hour walking outdoors is very important in combating headaches. During walking, an agent called endorphin, which is the body’s own painkiller, is stored. Endorphin both prevents the occurrence of pain and reduces the severity of pain. Walking outdoors also provides serotonin (happiness hormone) secretion. Serotonin significantly reduces pain attacks. In some migraineurs, heavy exercise (running, weight training) can increase pain. Therefore, exercise moderate, regular exercise.


There is 75 mg in 1 cup of coffee, 50 mg in 1 cup of tea and 25 mg of caffeine in 1 piece of chocolate. The maximum amount of caffeine consumed daily should not exceed 300 mg. Caffeine is very useful for pain when consumed up to 100-150 mg; The same effect applies to headaches. 1 cup of coffee during pain relief relieves pain.

8-Replace the white bulb with yellow

Fluorescent white light and intense sunny weather are more likely to trigger pain. Replace white light bulbs in your home with yellow light bulbs. Sit at least 3 meters away while watching television, do not watch television in the dark. Wear sunglasses on sunny days and during attacks.

9- Drinking water

70 percent of our brain is water. When the brain feels dehydrated, it signals danger and a headache. Those who suffer from frequent headaches sometimes get rid of the pain even when they drink only balanced water. Regular consumption of water prevents the occurrence of pain every day.

10 -Do not use medicine

Using painkillers more than once a week makes you dependent on painkillers. When the brain gets used to the painkiller, he constantly asks, and when he can’t find it, a headache occurs. You can use painkillers no more than 1-2 per month.

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