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10 natural remedies for headaches

10 Natural Remedies for headaches


Over time, headaches are unbelievable and unbearable. Headache, which adversely affects our daily life, can sometimes be very severe and sometimes lighter. It is also much better for health to find natural remedies to relieve headaches instead of taking medication. Here are the natural ways for the headaches we have compiled for you.


Known for its calming and pleasing effect, lavender is highly effective for headaches. The scent of lavender minimizes the symptoms of headaches and migraines. Especially for stress-induced headaches, it is good to smell this mixture by dropping lavender oil into a glass of water.


Prepare a mint-lemon mixture that is refreshing and attracts attention with its tension-absorbing feature. Soak a clean cloth in this water, put it on your forehead after squeezing and let it sit. You can repeat this process frequently. Another suggestion would be to smell mint oil.


Pain relief ginger is among the preferred. Especially consuming ginger tea will alleviate the headache considerably. It should be remembered that ginger has very beneficial and positive effects on the body.


Yes, you didn’t hear the wrong two in one, both hot water and ice bag. When you put the ice bag on your neck, placing a hot water bag on your feet will alleviate your pain. The reason is that the blood flow of the body changes and the vessels relax.


Drinking one cup of coffee a day is known to have pain relief. However, coffee should not be consumed frequently. Experts generally recommend a simple Turkish coffee. In this way, other benefits are also utilized.


One of the most effective solutions for tension and stress headaches is to take a shower with warm water. After the shower completely relieves the body, you will notice that your headache will be alleviated very quickly.


When you have a headache, going out for a short break will comfort you. The more fresh air and oxygen received, the more headaches you get. If you do not have the opportunity to go out and open the window to ventilate your environment for a while will also make a big difference.


It is recommended to massage your temples by stretching your skin from the eyebrows to your forehead and over the nostrils to the edges of the eyes. Experts also recommended this method will alleviate your headache.


Headache is sometimes caused by exposure to too many disturbing lights and being in intense noisy environments. It is good for your headache to have a little rest, albeit brief, in a place with little light and quiet.


Regular sleep is directly associated with headaches. Unable to get enough sleep, the body starts to react differently. When your head hurts, closing your eyes even for a short time or even sleeping will be very comfortable.

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