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10 causes of morning headaches

10 Causes of Morning Headaches

It is annoying to wake up each morning with a headache from sleep and start the day with a baş painful head.. If you often wake up with a headache, I recommend you to read this article more carefully. Because headaches in the morning can be a surprise. Here you go …

1- Morning headaches may be associated with hidden depression. It is well known that one of the first signs of a depression that is quiet, profound or new-onset is waking up in bed with headaches in the morning. Bear in mind that other signs of depression may be waking up early in the morning, morning fatigue, unhappiness/reluctance/malaise, difficulty focusing, excessive emotional state ”.

2- If you are someone with hypertension or you have a hypertension problem that you do not realize, this may remind yourself of your headaches in the early morning hours.
One of the first things that everyone who complains of headaches in the morning should be to learn blood pressure.

3- Sleep apneas/seizures during sleep, snoring, those who are forced to breathe by mouth because of different problems clogging the nose, in short enough to provide enough oxygen to the brain during the night in the morning may wake up with a headache.
It is well known that breathing stops during sleep and severe snoring can cause headaches in the morning.

4- In general, stress intensity increased, tense, confused, unable to solve their problems, people who entered the bed with anxiety in the night we know that morning fatigue is common.

5- Insomnia should also have a connection with morning headaches. Changes in sleep times and sleep slips that last longer than usual can also cause headaches.

6- Falling of blood sugar at night, morning hypoglycemia may also be a major cause of headaches in mind.

7- When the amount of alcohol taken in the evening is exaggerated, it is not surprising to wake up with headaches the next morning.

8- There are some observations suggesting that magnesium deficiency can cause morning headaches.

9- A bad bed and an incorrectly chosen pillow can cause you to wake up the next morning with a headache.

10- The temperature and humidity of the room you sleep in is also important. The frequency of headaches increases the following morning in sleepers in hot and humid environments.


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